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Recent LDF Media Hits

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Recent LDF Media Hits

Below are LDF’s media hits in the latter half of 2022.  To stay up to date on election integrity news, follow Lawyers Democracy Fund (@lawyersdf) on Twitter.



LDF Vice President Tom Spencer was featured in the Carolina Journal for his appearance on the John Locke Foundation’s panel discussing North Carolina’s voter ID law.


Ranking Member Rodney Davis was featured in the Madison Record to promote LDF’s amicus brief in Berger v. NC NAACP, a case where the U.S. Supreme Court held North Carolina’s legislature could intervene to defend the state’s voter ID laws.

  • “I was proud to join LDF in filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court to highlight that the U.S. Constitution grants state legislatures the primary role in establishing election law and that the role of a state attorney general is not to serve as the state’s lawmaker. Ultimately, the 8-1 majority agreed and adopted the reasoning from our brief in their opinion.”
  • Rodney Davis, Scotus Ruling Is a Huge Win for Voter Id, Madison Record (July 1, 2022),


LDF Vice President Tom Spencer published an article in the Daily Caller to highlight the important work states are doing to promote election integrity.


Wally Zimolong also appeared on the Dom Giordano Program to discuss LDF’s case (McLinko v. Commonwealth) and the problematic ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to uphold Act 77.


Wally Zimolong, one of the lead litigators in LDF’s case challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s mail voting system (McLinko v. Commonwealth), published an op-ed in the Keystone Today responding to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Act 77.


Wally Zimolong published an opinion piece in the Daily Signal to explain LDF’s litigation challenging Pennsylvania’s no-excuse mail voting law and why the Pennsylvania Supreme Court missed an opportunity to affirm the clear text of the state constitution and 160 years of judicial precedent.


LDF’s amicus brief in Higgin v. Albence, a case before the Delaware Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of Delaware’s no-excuse mail voting law, was featured in Law360.


LDF Vice President Tom Spencer published an op-ed in the Tallahassee Sun, exploring Florida’s recent election reforms included in Senate Bill 90 (2021).


LDF Executive Director Lisa Dixon published an op-ed in the Daily Signal advocating for more transparency in elections.

  • Lisa Dixon’s op-ed highlighted efforts by election officials in several swing states––Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina––to limit poll observer access, especially for Republican poll observers.
  • The op-ed also emphasized the important poll that poll watchers play to ensure election integrity and how observers should be given proper access to monitor elections.
  • Lisa Dixon, Elections Need More Transparency. Why Do Some on Left Want Less?, Daily Signal (Nov. 7, 2022),


LDF Associate Counsel Austin Cromack wrote an article in the Federalist Society’s State Court Docket Watch to explain a case in North Carolina where the state Supreme Court held two voter-approved constitutional amendments might be unconstitutional because the General Assembly that referred the measures to the ballot was made up of members elected from unconstitutionally gerrymandered districts.

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