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Lawyers Democracy Fund (LDF) is a non-profit organization created to promote social welfare by engaging in activities to promote the role of ethics and legal professionalism in the electoral process.


LDF Calls for Clear Redistricting Standards at the U.S. Supreme Court


LDF filed an amicus brief at United States Supreme Court to advocate for clear legal standards for redistricting maps in Merrill v. Milligan, consolidated with Merrill v. Caster.  

In its brief, LDF highlighted the dilemma states face in the redistricting process as they attempt to comply with both Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires the consideration of race in the redistricting process, and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, which restricts the use of race. LDF asks the Supreme Court to issue clear and meaningful standards that states can use in the redistricting process going forward to avoid unnecessary litigation.

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To view LDF’s amicus brief in its entirety, click here.


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“Vote-by-mail leads to chaos and distrust in our election process. Americans deserve better than that.”

I join @DomShow1210 tomorrow at 2 p.m. to discuss the (disappointing) Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of Act 77.

LDF will continue to support efforts to strengthen #ElectionIntegrity and defend the rule of law in elections both at the state and national level.

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LDF Files Amicus Brief at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to Defend Election Integrity in Florida

After the 2020 election, Florida enacted S.B. 90 to implement several election safeguards that boost voter confidence and ensure uniform election administration across the state.  After several of the provisions of the bill were challenged in court, a federal court struck down three of the challenged provisions but left the remaining provisions in place.  On appeal, two provisions were at issue – SB 90’s drop box and voter non-solicitation provisions.

LDF filed an amicus curiae brief at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in League of Women Voters v. Florida Secretary of State to highlight just how objectively reasonable Florida’s new safeguards for absentee ballot drop boxes are and how Florida is among countless other states that prevent electioneering and voter influence near polling locations.

To read LDF’s amicus brief, click here
To read LDF’s Florida voting law fact sheet, click here.


Montana’s Repeal of Election Day Registration

In passing H.B. 176 (2021), Montana became the first and only state to ever repeal Election Day Registration after implementing it.  In doing so, the legislature sought to ease the administrative burden on election officials, reduce long lines at polling locations, and strengthen election integrity, all while still allowing voters to utilize Same Day Registration during the early voting period until noon the day before the election.

LDF published an in-depth memo exploring the benefits and drawbacks of Election Day Registration and why Montana’s recent repeal makes a meaningful difference for efficient and secure elections.  Additionally, LDF’s memo explains how, rather than being a partisan tool, H.B. 176 provides a road map for how states can go about amending or repealing unsuccessful and burdensome election reforms.

To read LDF’s memo in full, click here.


Latest News

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chooses Politics Over the Constitution in Upholding Mail Voting Law

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court forsook 160 years of controlling precedent and constitutional interpretation to uphold Act 77, Pennsylvania’s no-excuse absentee voting law.  Litigation has been ongoing over the past year challenging the constitutionality of Act 77 under the Pennsylvania Constitution.   Historically, Pennsylvania voters alone possessed the power to approve…

LDF Sends Letter to PA Supreme Court on Status of Mail Voting Law After Recent Third Circuit Decision

In a case supported by Lawyers Democracy Fund, Counsel Wally Zimolong of Zimolong Law filed a letter on Monday with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in McLinko v. Commonwealth to notify the court of a recent Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision that calls into question the validity of Pennsylvania’s no-excuse…

LDF Files Amicus Brief at the 11th Circuit Defending Election Integrity in Florida

After the 2020 election, Florida enacted Senate Bill 90, an elections omnibus that enhanced Florida’s already strong election integrity policies by adding several integrity reforms while continuing to make it easy for voters to participate in the political process.   After it was enacted, several lawsuits were filed to challenge…