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Lawyers Democracy Fund is a non-profit organization created to promote social welfare by engaging in activities to promote the role of ethics and legal professionalism in the electoral process.

Lawyers Democracy Fund Publishes White Papers on Voters’ Confidence in Elections

In September, Lawyers Democracy Fund published a white paper examining reasons voters lack confidence in our elections, including a discussion on policies that seem to increase confidence versus decrease confidence.
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In November, Lawyers Democracy Fund published a white paper with six principles that if followed, would restore voter confidence in election systems and outcomes.
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Lawyers Democracy Fund Supports Lawsuit by Two Disenfranchised Voters Against Luzerne County, PA


Lawyers Democracy Fund has backed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of two voters whose constitutional right to vote was violated by the County of Luzerne, Pennsylvania, on Election Day 2022.

Plaintiffs William French and Melynda Anne Reese attempted to vote at their assigned polling places on Election Day but were turned away due to a catastrophic paper shortage caused by Defendants’ noncompliance with the clear requirements of the Pennsylvania Election Code for the minimum number of paper ballots each polling place must have. Mr. French, a disabled Army veteran, and Ms. Reese, a caregiver to her dependent husband, both tried multiple times to vote on Election Day but could not vote due to Luzerne County’s failures.

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Lawyers Democracy Fund Publishes Database of Redistricting Literature


Lawyers Democracy Fund serves as a resource for lawyers, journalists, policymakers, courts, and others interested in the electoral process. Therefore, Lawyers Democracy Fund regularly conducts, funds, and publishes research and in-depth analysis regarding the effectiveness of current and proposed election methods, including the decennial redistricting process.

Lawyers Democracy Fund recently filed an amicus curiae brief at the United States Supreme Court in Merrill v. Milligan to advocate for clear standards in the application of the Voting Rights Act in the redistricting process, and Lawyers Democracy Fund is pleased to publish a database of redistricting literature as a resource for those interested in redistricting. 

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Latest News

The Fight Against Ranked-Choice Voting is Just Beginning

Election Day 2023 showed us that the fight against ranked-choice voting (RCV) is just beginning. Three localities in Michigan adopted measures that would implement ranked-choice voting in local races if the state authorizes its use. In Easthampton, Massachusetts, a measure was approved that, “asked voters whether the city council should…

Lawyers Democracy Fund Publishes “Six Principles to Restore Voter Confidence in Elections”

Lawyers Democracy Fund has published a new paper titled, “Six Principles to Restore Voter Confidence in Elections.” Voter confidence is a crucial component to maintaining our system of government: The peaceful transfer of power, so foundational to our system of government, rests upon voters, candidates, and all Americans trusting in…

Election News Update: New NC Litigation, LA Zuckerbucks Ban, and More

It may be an “off” election year, but there is still a lot going on in the election world.   In North Carolina, several lawsuits have been filed relating to S.B. 747 which strengthens the state’s election laws. The law, which covers a variety of issues, was enacted after the…