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Weirdest Polling Places in America

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4.Nov, 2016 Comments Off on Weirdest Polling Places in America Election Administration

Weirdest Polling Places in America

For a bit of Friday fun, here are some examples of the odd places Americans will be casting votes next Tuesday:


A years-long, cross-country look at the barbershops and dentists’ offices and pool halls where Americans vote. The range of locations, says Donnell, is testament to the diversity of American communities. It is also a glimpse into how, after more than two years of speculation and reporting and punditry on the election beamed out from Washington and New York, the most basic act of democracy still finds its way into American communities stretching across the continent, stitched into the most mundane corners of daily life.


The polling places pictured include a California surf shack, a private Pennsylvania residence’s garage, an Iowa tractor barn, a California wedding chapel, and an Illinois laundromat.  What these varied polling places demonstrate is that voting is an integral part of American life and a local, community endeavor at heart.  An important reminder in a chaotic election season.

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