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16 Election Issues to Watch

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16 Election Issues to Watch

electiononlineWeekly posted a list of sixteen key issues to watch regarding the election:


Although millions of voters have already cast their ballots either through early voting, absentee voting or vote-by-mail, millions more will head to the polls on November 8 and cast their ballot for the 45th president of the United States as well as countless other federal, state and local races and many ballot issues.

It’s been a tumultuous election cycle to say the least, even for election administrators who have had to deal with new laws, new voting equipment, countless lawsuits and in the waning days of the election, accusations of fraud and rigging.

1) Poll Watchers — much has been made about voter fraud and a rigged election with candidates urging their supporters to become poll watchers. While some have gone the official route, other groups have vowed to watch the polls. What impact will these poll watchers have on turnout? Will there be any violence?

2) Ballot Selfies — one of the hottest late-cycle topics of conversation—like it or not—was the legality of ballot selfies. Some states allow ballot selfies, some don’t Will there be issues with voters taking a ballot selfie in the states where it’s illegal? Will local law enforcement pursue the scofflaws?

3) Voter ID — voter ID is always something to watch, especially in a presidential election cycle when many people are voting for the first time in four years. The two states to keep the closest eye on are Texas and Wisconsin where lawsuits and judges’ rulings kept the rules in play until almost the very last minute.

4) Voting machines — will old and new voting machines function properly on Election Day? Will concerns about “vote flipping” that popped up during early voting spread to November 8? . . .

12) Vote by mail — vote-by-mail has become increasingly popular not only with election administrators but also voters. It does require longer to count. Do Americans have the patience for that? They may enjoy the convenience but will they be OK without knowing the results right away? Despite assurances from the Postal Service, will all those ballots make it there by the required deadlines?

13) Early voting — many states and counties reported record-breaking early voting numbers. Will those numbers affect overall turnout? Will the counting of those ballots help speed up the overall process of release of results?

14) Provisional ballots — although they haven’t received quite as much attention as in previous years, what impact will provisional ballots have on the 2016 race?

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