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LDF Publishes New Fact Sheet On Florida Voting Law

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LDF Publishes New Fact Sheet On Florida Voting Law

Florida recently enacted Senate Bill 90, an elections omnibus that enhances Florida’s already strong election integrity policies by adding several integrity reforms while continuing to make it easy for voters to participate in the political process. Four lawsuits have been filed challenging 5 of SB 90’s 32 sections on the grounds that they place an unconstitutional burden on the fundamental right to vote under the Fourteenth Amendment. 

Among its provisions, SB 90:

  • establishes new procedures for absentee ballot drop boxes;
  • creates requirements before election officials can enter into civil settlements that affect election procedures;
  • precludes the acceptance of private funds for election administration;
  • reforms third-party absentee ballot collection;
  • mandates new disclosures for third-party voter registration organizations;
  • bolsters voter identification requirements for absentee ballot applications;
  • penalizes the solicitation of voters near polling places and drop boxes; and
  • prohibits election officials from unilaterally—absent affirmative requests by voters—mailing absentee ballots or ballot applications to voters.

LDF published a new page examining Florida’s new election law by highlighting similar, valid election procedures already in use by numerous states across the country to demonstrate the degree to which SB 90’s provisions are solidly within the mainstream.

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