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LDF Makes Strides on Twitter

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LDF Makes Strides on Twitter

Lawyers Democracy Fund is active on Twitter to present a conservative, integrity-focused perspective on election issues to counter the prevailing liberal view. Among other things, LDF highlights important safeguards in election administration and how these safeguards bolster election integrity. LDF not only follows and comments on active election cases but also explores the pros and cons of state and federal legislation that concerns election integrity.

Be sure to follow LDF on Twitter to stay up to date on these important issues – @lawyersdf.

.@KenCuccinelli: Under #HR4, "Outside activist groups can target states with litigation, and the occurrence of litigation can be a basis to bring that state into preclearance."

.@AGToddRokita on #HR4: "Without the balance of the
accountability and the access, you don't have confidence in the elections and you don't have right results a lot of the time."

.@KenCuccinelli before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on #HR4:

It's unacceptable that the Majority equates those who support stronger #electionintegrity with #votersuppression.

Have questions about the current version of #HR4 versus past versions? Check out LDF's recent brief on the issue. ⬇️

.@KristenClarkeJD: "#HR4 updates the relevant preclearance criteria."

Unfortunately, HR4's so-called "relevant" preclearance requirements explicitly exclude the most relevant factors set forth by the Supreme Court in #Brnovich v. DNC.

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