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LDF Makes Strides on Twitter

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LDF Makes Strides on Twitter

Lawyers Democracy Fund is active on Twitter to present a conservative, integrity-focused perspective on election issues to counter the prevailing liberal view. Among other things, LDF highlights important safeguards in election administration and how these safeguards bolster election integrity. LDF not only follows and comments on active election cases but also explores the pros and cons of state and federal legislation that concerns election integrity.

Be sure to follow LDF on Twitter to stay up to date on these important issues – @lawyersdf.

As @LeaderMcConnell said just now, America can breathe a sigh of relief because "radicalism" of Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act has been stopped. States remain free to protect the integrity of elections & increase voter confidence through commonsense rules like voter ID.

Wondering what's actually in the Georgia election bill frequently mentioned on the Senate floor today? Here's a fact sheet:

The Left's waging one last-ditch effort to pass a federal takeover of our election system.

The bill would:

Eliminate voter ID requirements
Give millions to politicians’ campaigns
Put Washington in charge of elections

None of this is about “voting rights.” It’s about politics.

As Senate considers in next few hours whether to break the filibuster over the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act, remember that legislative filibuster has enjoyed support from both parties because they recognize that it protects their rights when they are again in minority. 1/3

.@SenatorTimScott dispels accusations that Georgia's new election law––SB 202––is "Jim Crow 2.0"

Check out LDF's "Georgia's New Voting Law – Fact Sheet" to see why Senator Tim Scott is 100% correct.

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