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Are Democrats Seeking to End Verification of Florida Voters?

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Are Democrats Seeking to End Verification of Florida Voters?

Democrats have filed another lawsuit. Read the emergency motion and memorandum.

While the push is definitely on by Florida counties to finish the last minute registration applications and HAVA verifications, the Democrats seek to rely solely on the voter bringing in appropriate photo ID for voters that are not verified under federal law.  Federal law requires that voters be verified and Florida went through DOJ preclearance, litigation in NAACP v. Browning, and rule-making to get the current procedure in place for almost a decade.  In the case of a non-match, pending registrants are able to email, fax, or deliver in person the ID or SSN card to the Supervisor of Elections office prior to voting.

The request is ironic considering the plaintiffs have adamantly oppose photo ID at the polling place.  In this case, it appears the DL, State ID, or SSN as the form of ID should work to confirm the verification procedure, but this procedure would disrupt polling place procedures and cause addition burdens on poll workers in a Presidential Election. Despite the assertions of the plaintiffs, a provisional ballot is not a guarantee of rejection of a ballot.  Federal law actually requires it to be counted if cast by an eligible voter.  A provisional ballot allows the canvassing boards to allow a full investigation and time to obtain the necessary paperwork to count the ballot, and not allow a rash decision by a volunteer poll worker to be the final word.

The bottom line is whether a week before early voting really the time to be developing new procedures, and is a federal judge in Tallahassee the best person to be winging this.

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