4.Mar, 2021 Comments Off on LDF Supports Changes to Arizona’s Election Procedures

LDF Supports Changes to Arizona’s Election Procedures

Lawyers Democracy Fund recently published a proposal of election administration changes that Arizona should enact to foster greater integrity in Arizona’s election administration procedures. The condensed version of these recommendations is listed below. Poll Observers Overview of Arizona’s Law Relating to Poll Observers Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 16-590, Arizona’s…

24.Apr, 2019 Comments Off on Ballot Integrity Measures Being Cast as Suppression in Key States

Ballot Integrity Measures Being Cast as Suppression in Key States

National Public Radio’s recent article on election reforms in traditionally conservative states demonstrates a fundamental media bias against strengthening the protection of the ballot box, at a crucial moment when Americans’ trust in their ballot being counted is in jeopardy.   Highlighting the reforms in states such as Texas, Tennessee,…

17.Feb, 2016 0

West Virginia Voter ID Law Approved by House Judiciary Committee

  On Feb. 10, 2016, the West Virginia House Judiciary Committee approved a voter ID bill.  The bill is currently under consideration by the entire House of Delegates.  

Democrats Threaten to Filibuster Voter ID Bills in Missouri

    Senate Democrats in Missouri have threatened to filibuster a pair of voter ID measures passed by the House if the Senate considers them.

WA and IL – Bills to Enact Automatic Voter Registration Pending

Washington and Illinois currently have automatic voter registration bills under consideration in the House/Senate.  Links to the proposed legislation are below: Washington – (Full document) Illinois – (Full document)

Florida Bill Adding Forms of Acceptable Voter ID Advances

  A Florida bill allowing individuals to use conceal carry permits and veteran health cards as voter ID passed in the state senate by a vote of 36-0.  

25.Jan, 2016 0

Missouri House Passes Voter ID Measures

  On Thursday, January 21, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a pair of voter ID measures.  One bill would require a government-issued photo identification to be presented prior to voting.  The other bill was a proposed amendment to the Missouri constitution to allow voter ID; Missouri voters would need…

14.Jan, 2016 0

Missouri House Committee on Elections Passes Photo Voter ID Bills

On Tuesday, January 12, Missouri took a step towards requiring a photo ID to vote.