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25.Jan, 2016 0

Missouri House Passes Voter ID Measures

  On Thursday, January 21, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a pair of voter ID measures.  One bill would require a government-issued photo identification to be presented prior to voting.  The other bill was a proposed amendment to the Missouri constitution to allow voter ID; Missouri voters would need…

20.Jan, 2016 0

Court Allows North Carolina Voter ID Law to Stand

  On Friday, January 15, a federal court denied a preliminary injunction in a challenge to North Carolina’s voter ID law.  The decision will allow North Carolina’s voter ID requirements to remain in effect for the March primary election.  The full text of the opinion is here.

14.Jan, 2016 0

Missouri House Committee on Elections Passes Photo Voter ID Bills

On Tuesday, January 12, Missouri took a step towards requiring a photo ID to vote.