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Lawyers Democracy Fund (LDF) is a non-profit organization created to promote social welfare by engaging in activities to promote the role of ethics and legal professionalism in the electoral process.

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LDF is pleased to release its Model Voter ID Legislation

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed a mandatory voter registration bill, which means it will go before voters in 2018:

In his veto message, Sandoval said the measure “extinguishes a fundamental, individual choice — the right of eligible voters to decide for themselves whether they desire to apply to register to vote — forfeiting this basic decision to state government.”

Sandoval added it “would create an unnecessary risk that people who are not qualified voters may unintentionally apply to vote, subjecting them to possible criminal prosecution, fines and other legal action.”

LDF Board Member Joanne Young published an op-ed about the importance of procedures to protect both election integrity and voter confidence in the outcome of elections:

[T]he Left remains obstinate. Indeed, for the past year, Democrats have filed endless lawsuits against voter-integrity laws and complained that measures to improve election security will burden or disenfranchise voters.

Here’s the truth. In the aftermath of the infamous 2000 election, a blue-ribbon commission was created. It was chaired by former Democratic president Jimmy Carter and former Republican secretary of state James Baker. The commission recommended a simple, serviceable, and straightforward solution: require voters to present a voter ID before they can vote.

And yet, the Left fights measures like this every step of the way. It will tell you it’s oppressive to get an ID — even though the Supreme Court has ruled that a trip to an election office or the DMV does not place an undue burden on voters. Indeed, the Left opposes any real effort to keep the rolls accurate, even simply to remove the names of non-citizens, dead people, and those who have moved and registered in another state. . . . Inaccurate voter rolls also exponentially increase the potential for fraud. 

Latest News

In partisan move, Illinois Senate ignores necessary changes by Gov. Rauner to automatic voter registration

The Daily Northwestern reports that the Illinois Senate voted 38-18 to override the veto of Governor Bruce Rauner to the automatic voter registration bill.  Governor Rauner called the legislation as originally drafted “injurious” to the Illinois election system. The veto had included slight changes to the bill to conform to federal law and ensure…

Ongoing SBI investigation into Durham NC election office handling of provisional ballots

In North Carolina, the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the mishandling of more than 1,000 provisional ballots during the March primary.  According to an interim report ballots were being counted twice and election officials presented the vote count as true when it was wrong.  The fraud investigation is in Durham the same…

North Carolina Tight Race for Governor: McCrory Campaign prepares for “extended contest”

The media is reporting that Pat McCrory, the incumbent Governor of North Carolina, is preparing for a recount and “extended contest” of irregularities in the counting of ballots in Durham County.  According to local media, a complaint for recount was filed to review 90,000 ballots in Durham County that had multiple issues on…