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Faulty Data Fuel Challenges to Voter ID Laws by Don Palmer, published by The Heritage Foundation:


In case after case, plaintiffs challenging photo ID laws and critics of those laws have used highly inflated statistics of voters who allegedly lack an acceptable form of photo ID.

It is not surprising that such misleading statistics have been criticized by the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal appellate courts. Many litigants and critics of photo ID fail to conduct a comprehensive comparison of voter registration lists with databases listing other relevant categories of citizens (outside of current DMV databases) who possess other acceptable forms of ID.

The use of wildly inaccurate data inhibits a rational legislative or policy debate on the likely effect of photo identification laws and bleeds into the debate about other important election reform proposals across the country.

Policymakers and the public deserve the truth about the relatively small universe of affected voters, not inflammatory assertions that hundreds of thousands or millions of voters are going to be negatively affected by such laws.